Cop It Sweet - Various Artists

Label:Antfarm Records
Highlights:Step On The Gas (Orange Humble Band)
Stan & Rocky (The Scruffs)
Matchbox Cars and Marbles (The Shouties)
Shivers (Spurs For Jesus)
When Your Blood Is Up

Rating: 5/10

Cop It Sweet is the second release in a series of compilations put out by Antfarm Records to highlight up-and-coming new bands out of Sydney. Quite often compilations like this are a hit and miss affair but can be a great introduction to some really good bands. The best song on this CD also happens to be the opening track. Step On The Gas by the Orange Humble Band is nothing short of brilliant power pop and leaves everything else for dead. Cop It Sweet is worth purchasing for this song alone. Unfortunately, however, there are few other strong tracks. The grungy No Return by Free Moving Curtis musically reminds me of Magic Dirt while The Scruffs demonstrate their rough and ready take on power pop in Stan & Rocky. The Shouties Matchbox Cars and Marbles is strengthened by Bernie Hayes strong voice while the Spur For Jesus do a country-redneck version of Shivers. Finally, Kim Salmon gets typically over dramatic on the unreleased When Your Blood Is Up. Other bands like El Mopa, Half Miler and The Honeyhunters show sufficent promise to warrant further investigation but sadly there is nothing else that really captures my interest. With the exception of the above bands, the majority of the bands on this compilation are of the type where being lo-fi is an excuse for being ordinary or boring. Still, for the pricely sum of $10, this CD compilation is still worth having a listen to.

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